Office Partitioning

PS Interiors are specialists in all types of office partitioning and office partition finishes

With over 25 years in the trade PS Interiors have produced and installed many quality installations, from industrial & retail outlets to Casino’s & high spec office environments. But small or large the outcome is still the same, a quality and first rate installation will always be given to the Client.

Our Client know that when PS Interiors are on site that they have nothing to worry about and this is why we have been recommended to others time and time again.

Office Partitioning Systems PS Interiors install….


Metal Stud systems;- Prima / Fire and Sound / Ovation / Symmetry and Maars

Metal Stud office partitioning is made of a basic structure of metal stud covered in one or two layers of plasterboard which can then be decorated to suit. The cavity of the office partition can take products to prevent easy spread of fire as well as acoustic quilt. It is also possible to run pipes and cables through the cavity of this type of office partition. Metal stud office partitioning is lightweight compared to timber, quick to install and cleaner than timber to erect due to there being no sawdust and shavings produced in the fabrication of the framework. Metal stud office partitioning is an affordable option for office interiors.


Timber systems;- Circum Core / Scion & Symphnonyplus

If you are looking for high quality, elegant partitioning solutions then a timber frame system may be just what you need. Offering many design choices with regards to hardwood framed systems such as Circum Core as the different timber types available can be mixed and matched for greater design flexibility. Timber office partition systems can be fully glazed with the beautiful hardwood frame or can be made up half glazed and solid wall or completely solid wall. A timber office partitioning solution offers beauty, quality of finish and excellent design possibilities. Some timber office partition systems are MDF wrapped and provide a budget alternative to hardwood office partitioning systems.


Fully Glazed systems;- Vitrage & Clarity

For a truly contemporary feel to your commercial/office interior then fully glazed office partitioning is the way to go. Ultra modern systems now include switchable glass so that you can turn privacy on and off at the flick of a switch. Glazed office partitioning can have a seamless, frameless effect and gives a feeling of light and space. Glazed office partitions can be decorated with frosted or coloured film manifestations to give a truly unique identity or simply carry the corporate design and logo. Glazed office partitioning is perfect for the modern working or leisure environment.


Industrial Steel Systems

Industrial steel partitioning is strong, robust and is ideal for factories, warehouses and ‘clean’ operations such as food manufacturers. They do not need decorating and are easy to keep clean. Industrial partitioning is excellent for segregating high risk processes in factories and warehouses. Tough, durable and demountable steel office partitioning can be taken down and re-used in other areas as your operations and processes change.

We install many, many more types of office partitioning and would be happy  to discuss your exact office partition requirements  – Give Us  A Call
 All of the above come in a wide range of colours and finishes and can be decorated to suit your own specific requirements.